has a red tongue


The little mermaid

The smartest girl I know lives around the block. She is not really walking but she rather swims quite a lot.

This girl lives in the sea, the ocean and the lake. She wears a pretty hijab and has a mermaids tail.

Adara is what i call her and she is really cool. One they if you are lucky, she might be your friend too.

All the colours of the rainbow

My mom always told me, ‘white you are not alone’. 

There are more shades of human 

then there are colours to be known.

Look at the rainbow, created by sunshine and rain. 

The magic of nature with no higher purpose, 

but show the colours of the world into one frame.

At the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold. 

But not this kind of rainbow I was being told.

This rainbow is called diversity and the pot is full of hearts.

Because when you see all the different people

and they're colours, that is the ultimate reward.

The colour white does not make you special or better. 

And just seeing your own colour will never make you grow.

Because how can there ever be rain without its bow.

We are all the same.

Different shades of the human race

You can be white, you can be black but when you stick out your tongue it’s always red.

When you are in school and you learn about race you could feel a bit different then the rest of your classmates.

But like most labels in life this one too is create by human lies.

Samuel George Morton was the man who created that humans should be divided, and not only by their shades.

That is how racism took its shape and it has been with us for decades.

So the next time when someone tells you that you are from a different place you can tell them that we are all just different shades of human race.


The bandaid of Nabil

Nabil was playing outside in the summer sun. 

Together with his friends he was having loads of fun!

Riding his skate board down the hill Nabil suddenly slipped! And he fell!

He tumbled around till he stopped and looked up to his arm where pain popped up.

A little scratch had appeared and Nabil went home all shook up and in tears.

When he came home to his mother she hugged Nabil and said, I have a little something my love, that will heal that nasty scratch.

She took out in the first aid kit and searched for some cover. And of course she found a bandaid for his wound in Nabil’s own colour.

Black Beauty and her 7 friends

Mirror mirror on the wall,

who is the most beautiful of them all?

On a tropical island, not that far away.

Lives the older sister of Snow White,

Black Beauty is her name.

Her skin is dark and pretty, daily kissed by the sun. 

And you would not believe it, she is like a lion, so strong!

She lives with her 7 animals who give her love and support.

And who take her hand and guide her,

when life comes up short.

You should go and meet her because you will soon see.

Thats she is a truest beauty, the kindest anyone has seen.

Love is heart stuff

Don’t we all sometimes wonder? 

For who our heart will grow funder? 

How love happens;

The heart does not choose colour,

does not choose gender or age.

Love is a matter of chemistry, values and crazy butterflies that want to uncage.

When you meet another person

and your heart feels like a bright light.

It might be that this person is a perfect for you, 

when everything feels just really right.

When this happens don’t let yourself distracted by;

if this is a girl, a boy,

or somewhere in between?

Because the heart only chooses people for you with the best fit.

Trust it and you will see.

That love is just heart stuff.

Not all heroes wear capes

They come from far, they travel long.

They are really tiny and also really strong.

They left their house and their home.

They are out on the sea, sometimes, all alone…

They have fled from war and from violence.

There is barely anyone looking out for them.

They are alone, trying to reach a shore.

Every day is a day forward.

These children are heroes without a cape,

always looking for an exit to escape.

From the bad dreams, or having no food,

these amazing children are often misunderstood.

When you are like this don’t be scared,

there is always someone who cares.

And just remember that you are great,

you are after all just a hero without a cape.


Little Sally was once told

‘you will turn into a beautiful lady once you grow old’.

What no one knew back then

is that Sally felt way more like a man.

When you feel different than what you look like,

don’t push those feelings away.

And let no one tell you that change that you wish for, is not ok.

Because people are different, in colour, gender and in size.

And you decide what you want with your body

because you are in control over your own happiness in life.


We are all different and still we are the same.

Different gods and different believes.

Gods that helps us guiding through life, when we we are in love, when we are alone and when we are in pain.

A religion can be of guidance and sometimes you don’t need one.

Learn to accept others whatever religion they are from.

Different stars

Maybe you are short or maybe tall?

Maybe you are blind or a little chunky like a big round ball.

Perhaps you cannot walk or always need some extra air.

Maybe you have spotted skinn or green/red/blue curly hair? Maybe you are rich or maybe you are poor,

perhaps you barley fit through a door?

Don’t be afraid to be who you are,

than you will truly shine like a big yellow star.